Emergency Rental Deposit Loan Program

An Interest Free
Emergency Rent Deposit
Loan Program

Do you need help coming up with your first and last month's rent?
Are you behind in your rent and facing eviction?
You may be eligible for an interest-free repayable loan.

Emergency Rental Deposit Loan Program

A repayable interest free loan is available for households that may require first and last month's rent deposit to move into more affordable housing.

Households are eligible if they:

  • are of low income and cannot afford their current home
  • are being affected by the recession, leaving their housing in jeopardy
  • do not receive Ontario Works/Ontario Disability Support Program (social assistance) or Ontario Student Assistance Program (student loans)
  • live in market rental housing (not subsidized) or have lost housing, or own a home and are facing mortgage foreclosure.

A Rent Bank loan may be available to you if:

  • you are an individual, couple, senior citizen, or family with children living in Toronto with legal status in Canada
  • you are in immediate danger of losing your home due to unpaid rent
  • you have a regular source of income, including OAS and GAINS
  • you meet the income requirements
  • you are paying market rent (not subsidized)
  • your landlord is willing to keep you as a tenant
  • your rental unit is covered by provincial tenant legislation
  • you can afford your rent in the long term

You are not eligible for Rent Bank if:

  • you currently receive OW social assistance, ODSP or OSAP
  • you need first and last months' rent
  • you cannot provide all the documentation required by Rent Bank application process
  • you own a home
Staff will assess your long-term housing sustainability. You will need to show that you have used up all other means of financial help available to you before applying for a Rent Bank loan. All loans are to be paid back in full in monthly instalments. Repayments go back into the Rent Bank fund to help others.

Additional services include:

  • landlord and tenant mediation
  • money management advice and skills development
  • housing search assistance
  • follow-up support and community links
If you have any questions about Rent Bank or our other services, feel free to call: Rent Bank Central Office, Neighbourhood Information Post, at 416-924-2543 or call your nearest Local Access Center:
  • Albion - North Etobicoke 416-741-1553
  • Albion - South Etobicoke 416-252-5990
  • COSTI North York Housing 416-244-0480
  • East York/East Toronto Housing Help 416-698-9306
  • Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services 416-424-2900
  • Neighbourhood Information Post 416-924-2543
  • Scarborough Housing Help 416-285-8070
  • Woodgreen Community Services 416-645-6000
  • York Community Services 416-653-5400
Funding provided by: Government of Ontario, United Way, City of Toronto