Over the last 40 years, Neighbourhood Information Post has evolved into a vital community service provider, a pioneer in innovative homelessness prevention programs and a strong community partner in Toronto, especially for low-income individuals and families in eastern part of Downtown Toronto.  NIP currently receives support and stable funding from three levels of government.  On average, we serve approximately 17,000 individuals yearly, and provide services in seven languages.

We started the first Rent Bank program in Canada, which has become a model for many other similar programs in the country.  Building on the success of the Rent Bank, NIP has again played a key role in the creation of energy assistance programs for low-income households in Ontario.  In addition, our Housing Trusteeship Program acts as a trustee to help challenged individuals to manage their income and ensure that their rent and other bill payments are made on time. The overall goal of the program is to help participants preserve stable housing (free from rental arrears / risk of eviction), and, whenever feasible, to improve participants' skills and confidence in managing their own finances.

We believe that we can best help and empower marginalized and socially isolated people in our community by ensuring that people in our community have equitable access to quality programs and services; by implementing programs that promote and maintain stability in people’s lives; and by fostering trusting and caring relationships with community members.


To provide programs and services that make it possible for all marginalized and socially isolated people in our community to live a stable, quality life in a suitable home by:

  • Responding to community needs by developing programs that empower people now and for the future;
  • Engaging in community partnerships to advance our mission;
  • Educating partner agencies about the success of our programs.


To be a vital community organization committed to homelessness prevention, housing stabilization, economic stability, and improved quality of life for vulnerable households in eastern Downtown Toronto.


In our ongoing efforts to prevent homelessness, increase housing stabilization, enhance self-sufficiency, and improve the quality of life in the community, we will:

  • Deliver our services in an accessible, non-judgmental, respectful and culturally-sensitive manner;
  • Promote transparency and accountability in the use of our human and financial resources;
  • Seek out partnership and collaboration opportunities with a variety of stakeholders;
  • Empower both employees and clients to find solutions to the issues faced by the community.

"I was able to obtain stable housing through the help of Neighbourhood Information Post when I was going through a major health crisis.  They helped me access various government and community resources and get my life stabilized. They supported me as I re-entered the labour market and dealt with the various challenges that I faced.  I now work part-time and actively volunteer at Neighbourhood Information Post to give back to the community."

- Volunteer